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Graphic arts

Lifeforms inspired by nature. Chinese ink on paper.   Lifeform Serie I 01   Lifeform Serie I 02   Lifeform Serie I 03   Lifeform Serie I 04   Lifeform Serie I 05   Lifeform Serie I 06   Lifeform Serie I 07   Lifeform Serie II 01   Lifeform Serie II 02   Lifeform [...]

Image series: Biospheres

Artist: Avawari Technique: Acrylic on wood This image series shows artificial biospherea; fictional catastrophes demanded their construction.   The song “Naked Swamps” (2010), is the source of this series of images and thus a part of it. Soon the first image followed, the air-biosphere, and I began developping the concept of naked swamps. The sounds [...]

Image series: Networks

Artist: Avawari Technique: puzzle-like composite photo collages, in the intervening spaces ink-drawn structures as unifying elements. Network idea: Everything is linked, from microcosm to macrocosm, everything is made of ever-changing, evolving networks. This network of systems we can scarcely comprehend and is beyond human understanding. Yet it is there. And the more you look at [...]

Image series: Incoming

Artist: Avawari Technique: material collage, acrylic on wood   The music piece “The insect in me“(2010) has been specially produced for this series of images.   Incoming – Communication of Insects   Insects basically use three different modes of communication, chemical, auditory and visual. Chemical communication among a species is mediated by fragrances (pheromones). “Odors” [...]



Genre: ambient from 2007. A hommage to the things the world really don’t need. In the future some kind of handysoap perhaps? Fuck the stupid sides of our materialism and focus your mind for really important things like environmental protection!!!

Yanitsa heart healing

Genre: ambient-chillout-mixture from 2007

Happy cyclus

Genre: jungle from 2009. Happy cyclus comes from “happy recycling”, because recycling is very important today, but you know that for sure!

Dreams about darkness

Genre: Abstract/dnb/jungle mixture, 2004

My heart

Genre: Chill Out, 2008

Diamond sun

Genre: Ambient, 2004 Eine Huldigung an die Sonne, welche mit dem Element Feuer, einerseits alles Leben spriessen lässt und andererseits, eine sehr zerstörerische Wirkung mit sich bringt.


Genre: Chillout, 2009 Produced by Roy Rene (Rene Orgel-Zechner) and Avawari (Alexis Rauch)

Bass guitar

Genre: Crazy abstract electronic music, with bass-synth variations. 2009

Biomod garniture

Genre: Electronic music, 2009 A futuristic scenario, where a mercenary soldier searches for rare biomods. With the mods you can upgrade your body in different ways with different powers.

The reaper

Genre: abstract electronic music, 2010 The reaper is the keeper of our souls and a system in our network of systems