The Naked Swamps


The impending tipping point for earth

We have reached a population of 7 billion consumers. Cities are constantly expanding, increasing amounts of dwindling resources will be needed to meet the standards of the population. The earth is a life form, riddled with a variety of organisms, including plants and animals, which, just like people [as a particular animal of many (especially in the sense that it is ourselves)], need a place to live. Most individuals are thinking about economics and not a biological balance which must be preserved.

Extrapolating the extent of human destruction from the present state into the future, you see that little time is available to counterbalance the radical actions of mankind against the plant-fungal-animal wildlife and ecosystems in general. The fact is, heyday is on the wane. A new awareness is essential to maintain (or recover) a functional ecological steady state on earth. Looking at what is happening on our planet as a network of networks (based on scientific knowledge) renders the overall condition and the dynamics of it more accessible. Also setting one’s wits to words such as: infinity, system, network, contradcition, life, biodiversity, universe (, …) contributes to a better understanding of our (earthly, just as supernal) existence and (earthly, just as supernal) habitat. You can not capture everything, but the more one deals with the above terms, and here is the crux, the more one approaches an understanding of the complexity of life. Incorporating these findings into consciousness sensitizes. One acts less selfish, keeping in mind the mutliple connections we have with our surrounding.

It is understood that one must give plants a proper place to live, so we ourselves can survive.
It is understood that from Mother Earth, our basis of existence, we cannot only take but also have to give (back) some things, to be able to survive in the future.
It is understood that we depend on other organisms and healthy ecosystems.
The quest for nativeness, the quest for the original (hardly affected by human processes) state of our environment is the purpose of “Naked Swamps”.
We should all be concerned with treating our unique and valuable planet and life in all its forms in a dignified manner in order to preserve the vital balance of our ecosystem. When the sea is dead for example, we will soon die too, because without the oxygen the algae produce, the balance will shift. Everything is connected and the extent of our damage is already immense. That’s why each individual human being must start to think and above all, act. It’s only a matter of time that our quality of life will decline rapidly. Just as rapid as we have lived excessively in a short time, without realizing that we are thereby destroying our habitat. We have taken a loan at the expense of future generations.

As a universal law: The natural cycle of life should not be altered by human god-games, there will always be consequences, foreseen or not. How small and dependent on Mother Earth we are, we are repeatedly shown by higher powers (e.g. natural disasters – and this concerns us all in the end), because everything is connected. If we change in time, join forces and do everything in the realm of possibility to avoid greater destruction, we can achieve global stability. Maybe mankind will live in harmony with nature, with “earth’s soul”, united and in tune with the universe.

Seven billion consumers!
Start to think, and act!


The aim of the project “Naked Swamps”

“the naked swamps are places man desires or will desire. places which no man ever has nor will set foot on, undisturbed by humans.
stripped of people.” (Avawari & Daniel Hofstadler)

In cities, such places are evidently inconceivable. We, as the artist group from the naked swamps, therefore want to use unused land (derelict or vacant buildings, condominiums, commercial or industrial areas, …) by generating proceeds of our artistic projects, simply to give (back) living space to plants and animals in cities. Further benefit of accumulating naked swamps within cities is air quality improvement. If passersby pass by such a swamp, the signage containing descriptions of the projects’ contents and goals could possibly stir curiosity among some. The only people allowed to enter these facilities (to limited extent), are biologists and artists, who can pursue their work there, inspired by the close communion with nature and the utopia of naked swamps, of course, without causing considerable damage or disturbance. If we don`t stop the pollution, sooner or later we can built out of this places some kind of little artificial Biospheres.


Operation breakdown:

> Develop new concepts and disseminate them
> Expand the group steadily
> Boost projects, actions and activities with or without environmental organizations
> Remain aware of the underlying principles by analytical thinking
> Use of two or more media, to underline the complexity of the world
and, above all, to underline the complexity of the vast destruction of
the environment by humans.
> Realize group work with different media.
> Contribute small activities (eg: feeding animals in cities, clear away
rubbish, etc.) regularly
> Create a lot of naked swamps